Sunday, December 23, 2007

the runaway chocolate peanut...

oh what a title hey -- thats just what happened the choc nut did not make it to my mouth and decided it wanted to go on an excursion.... i love xmas - it's an excuse to eat copious amounts of choc peanuts.. very festive indeedy.

The last few days i have been hard at it cleaning house in order to get the "show room quality " look for all the visitors that are popping by - and i am buggered - i can hardly walk.

Yesterday i clipped the hedge in our front yard and cut throught the extension lead and shorted out the power to the house for a little bit - until the nice neighbour from across the road lent a hand and showed me how to flick the switch back so the power was back on - how easy!
Mind you the hedge looks like a dogs hind leg - DH said that is why i am not allowed to use the power tools - and this is one of those times i tend to agree with him - { sorry no photo to share - was a really bad haircut that i gave the hedge}

Dh came home tonight from byron bay- he has been away since friday night - he had to put up a pergola with his dad and he is buggerd but i am thinking that was the two games of golf they fitted in that may have done that -- glad to have him home - he also bought my old matey home who has just spent a few days away at grandmas - and he had a blast, but is very sunburnt - i cringe just looking at it, as it must be extremely painful.
I miss him so much when he goes away - i suffer from the worst separation anxiety - and am not ashamed to say it either. Yep very bad vice of mine but hey - they are only young once and we only get one chance with them to get it right and watch them to grow as beautiful little people.

DD and myself have been having mummy and me time. We didn't do too much fun stuff and her attitude is a bit blah at the moment so our time together had its moments but after a bit of explaining of things we had a great bonding session... she also did a lot of social visiting as well and thoroughly enjoyed herself.
We had a couple of family stay over for sleepovers, so we have had a busy time while the boys have been away. While the boys were away miss chicken and i did a bit of a photoshoot near the xmas tree while she was holding the angel and the lights that still have not been put up - whoops!

xmas photoshoot with miss chicken

Tommorow i have a photoshoot with my SIL's family on her side - she wanted a family shot to frame for her mum of all the grandkiddies - should be fun. I only have a little more food shopping to do tommorow and then i am locking myself away in the house till at least the day after boxing day - lol.... need the rest after all the cleaning.

i have almost finished my xmas day table decorations - and i have found some pots for the trees to go in too -- yippee -- its amazing what you find when you clean up - lol. Now all i have to do is make them. If i get time i want to make a couple of table runners from some printed calico i bought a couple of years back - i really will have to see if i have enough time though cause i have surely forgotten somebodies present....

I collect a couple of hallmark ornaments each year for the peeps and they really make the tree look awesome -- some of the ornaments play music and others move --- like the little hohoho boy one with blocks-- you push a button underneath and he drops his arm with the block and then places it on top - too cute --- that one is oldmateys ....and the partridge in a pear bear , his arms are all jointed and move, that one belongs to miss chicken - the peeps love unwrapping them each year and its quite funny to listen to them telling each other this is your one -- lol-- like they have minds like an elephant when they want to remember.
I took a few photos of my tree and some of my fave ornaments and scattered them through this post - i hope you like them.

this is my tree for this year...

Scrap News - well its not really scrap news but it is news - my friend donna has started up a blog for a few of us girls who own Cannon cameras to do a 52 week challenge - very talented scrapper old donna - who just celebrated a birthday too, i might just add.... well she will be picking a topic each week and we fill it with a photo - what i'd be asking from all you wonderful blog readers is if you would liketo pop on by and leave a comment on the blog as we will be judging our entries. We are all hoping to learn a lot from this challenge - especially from each other as we are all new to the wonderful world of the Canon digi if you get a chance pop on over and check it out - and maybe even leave a comment on your fave pic. I will be putting the link in my sidebar in a few days - gotta sort out how i want to add it- heres the link for now -

Enjoy your christmas - i hope that you all have a fab day -- i will be - stay safe and enjoy your day with family and friends.



scrapwitch said...

and i hope you had a fine festive period ,i hope you had a shit load of visitors thru the house to make up for nearly killing yourself to get things in 'showroom' state ..your a cack!.did you get the runniers made ,or is that material still in the cupboard?
i really need that photoedit program.i love your details ,and im still yet to work out how to watermark anything!HELLLLLPPP

scrapwitch said...

oh and your hallmark items are devine ...i adore them...miss chicken looks like a christmas angel..

Donna said...

Hey Tiddly - you rphotos are so gorgeous - I just love the christmassy feel they all add to your blog - those tree ornaments are soo nice - would like some of those myself! I had to laugh at your hedge 'incident' as I could totally picture that - what a laugh! I love reading your blog - I'll stop by more often when asdl gets back on - am on dial up atm - pain in the bum (pitb) - luv ya, x D