Tuesday, December 18, 2007

found mojo...yeah

okay breathe in...now out ....in and out... yep those exercises work. After last night i needed to vent and channel my energy and by 11am this morning i had 3 layouts done... and i am so proud of myself. Goodness knows i needed to get these babies done, a release of sorts with so much going on i truly needed this relaxing unwind ... and i hope there is more of it over the next few days - it gives me a great excuse to use up all the supplies i have hoarded and an excuse to go get new ones. These are the three layouts i finished today - they are all ready to go into the albums - yippeeeeee.

Today found me picking up our car from a service around lunch time and then dropping in to Onestopscrapping - and Tracey had some great bargains on sale in the shop and there were some beautiful new papers too - maybe i will get a chance to scrap some of them tonight - children and husband permitting - they will just have to play fair so that i can get them done...lol.

Had tacos for dinner so i am feeling a bit round cause i fill up with way too much sour cream and avocado -- totally yum but totally fattening... will have to get on the elyptical trainer some time tommorow.

Dear sister - old matey is a learning from his mistake and thank you for offerin' in your post- but he is pretty cool bout it and the peeps dropped off letters in letterboxes today so hopefully we will hear and if not he will have to save up for a new one -
I am looking forward to a fun bonding day with miss chicken tommorow and hope she is having a blissful sleep - she has been a very moody 10 year old of late - hopefully that will pass sooner rather than later.

I have also been asked to join in on a new photo challenge being put together by the lovely donna - more details will follow -- but all i can tell you is that its gonna be fun...

till next time - stay safe, keep smiling and don't forget the world is still spinning and for some reason we are still stuck on it together


scrapwitch said...

wow these are fabo trac...i adore that lil davies red and blue pp..its one of my all time favs

My sista made me do it said...

I love your layouts!! I attempted another one for my wedding album yesterday oh dear shall I share it with you.....I like it but....Maybe I should send them down for you to "alter" then send them back to me so I to can look shit hot lol!

Gallery 12 said...

You really do have your Mojo girl - but I'm wondering if you ever really lost it in the first place? I got the cj's today and love your pages - alway so gorgeously Tiddly! Hey - where's your wonder pic?????????? I wonder
he he!

Pamela said...

Your layouts are wonderful tracey,

Oh to go scrap shopping it feels like forever since I have done a good scrap shop and there is so much I want.

Oh Santa I have been good (lol)

Merry Christmas to you and your family. Enjoy the special day.

Love Pam.