Saturday, January 12, 2008

what a fabbo day

I must have the worlds record for fabulous days - i got the mowing done, a bit of laundry done, i got to go spend some time with my fabbo gf at her place as she was hosting a tupperware party { oh yes i could not help myself and had to purchase - who doesn't }, and finished off a mini album to teach at Stamp Antics - oh and almost forgot have almost completed another layout.

Yesterday i sorted all my chipboard alphas into their own little drawers and will have to frequent ikea again to get myself some more drawers, oh and some little handles too... am liking having them all stored away nicely instead of the overflowing plastic box they were in.

a layout i did a couple of days ago
the kids had a bit of fun with the face paint yesterday and cause they were so exhausted and so was DH - old matey climbed up on top of DH and fell asleep - and i took quite a few photos of the both of them and neither of them flinched...

miss chickens evil lookin' face paint job - they were doing dancing and wanted to look the part - how could i say no to that face - lol

oh so cute to get photos like this - i treasure these photos and i am sure they will too when they get older

just though i would chuck this one in too cause i liked the look on his face and the photo in general.

oh and i found this great quote while surfing -
“"If you hear a voice within you say ‘you cannot paint,’
then by all means paint,
and that voice will be silenced."
Vincent Van Gogh

i hope you all have a fun sunday and don't forget to keep smiling


Petrina McDonald said...

I aways LOVE your quotes! Oh, and your photos, and your layouts.....

scrapwitch said...

omg your pics are awesome tiddly

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