Sunday, January 13, 2008

who drank the lime and soda

Well thats the question as i sit here suffering in this hot room with the fan turning as fast as it possibly can and still sweltering-{you would think i would just get up and put the aircon on, but that requires effort} - a girl can't even make herself a vodka and lime with soda if its all been drunk - can she.....and it would be so refreshing right about now.

I had a totally fabulous day today - the peeps and i hit the road early and went to Ikea - whereby we purchased a few things that we probably shouldn't but we all got smiles on our faces for the rest of the day with the few dollars we outlayed - yippeeeee-- love shopping. I bought two more lots of the timber boxes with nine drawers in each and i have already put them together and have given them a coat of gesso - woohoo.... the kids bought some bead thingys a bit like those bindeez and they have been making all sorts of pics - will take photo and upload tommorow.

When we got home we did a bit of washing and then got stuck into putting our new purchases together { mine is still on the kitchen bench} oh and so is the , then Dh got home from golf and then the family arrived to go out to dinner - had a great lunch - it was so filling that we all skipped dinner and decided to just go the dessert tonight - waffle cones, yum.

don't ya just love free face painting - look how dedicated she is and raring to get back into training this week

The peeps all had a swim with their cousin and then decided that it was time to do some more creating with the new beads. So i am sure that tommorow will be more of the same for us yet again- painting and beads

whisper whisper -- didn't your mumma tell you not to whisper - i bet they are up to no good

just thought i would add this one of miss chicken cause i could and cause i love her smile - she's beautiful

I had a bit of a change with the colors of the blog yet again as i think my ying and yang wasn't balanced with the color - i love the black for the photos but it is so dark and the white just makes it so fresh and more inviting, so i hope you like the more fresh look of my blog- cause i do.

okes here's another of my fave quotes - and thanks for dropping by and leaving comments girls - it brightens my day ...... i truly feel this one ...
If you can speak what you will never hear, if you can write what you will never read, you have done rare things.
Henry David Thoreau
keep safe & tell your family you love them - oh and don't forget the cuddle { never forget the cuddle}

oohhhh almost forgot my GF kerry has finally put up her blog -- yeah..... its in my sidebar she is a very clever chicky who loves her sewing and her scrapping and her dollmaking and her.... oh i'll let her tell ya cause she does lots of stuff and she is very talented. seeya


Petrina McDonald said...

Well Tracey I think that is a quote that will keep me thinking for the rest of the day! Might be time for a coffee I think.....
Gorgeous photos by the way.
And next time you go to Ikea can you get some stuff for me????

Gallery 12 said...

Hey T! I've enjoyed catching up on your last couple of posts - and your quotes are great! I love the one about painting - very true and I suppose you could insert anything in there - oh and the peeps are looking gorgeous to btw - like lots of fun! have a great week XD

scrapwitch said...

i love the white too fiddly and im thinking of a change ..i'll be scrapwitch the white witch .hehehhehe

scrapwitch said...

hehehe i typed in fiddly..sorry about that chick..

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