Friday, March 14, 2008

another week rolls on by...

oh how quick is this year moving along....and it seems to be going even quicker with some smarty moving Easter into March and not leaving it in April where it should belong.

I still have a bit of that nasty cold but its not as bad - thank goodness for the invention of Sudafed - dosed up and feeling great.

So a couple of the little projects i have been working on have hit paydirt - the school won $1000 with the docket comp that has been going on with the local shopping centre -- woohooooo.....and
the equipment arrived that i ordered for the gym and we were like kids at christmas with all the new stuff - and when it was all unloaded by the coaches and volunteers {thank you everyone} i was like --- is that a container of stuff and i wanted more.... yep it was like christmas.

I was looking forward to a big weekend of catching up with things on my list that i have created in my mind, until tonight when my sister called my brother who called me to say we need to pay a visit to my mother.... too much going on and we need to take a visit up to see her .... i am truly starting to wonder why my dearly departed father is punishing me.... surely i don't deserve all of her headaches to sort out. We are good kids but we want to be the kids ..... booey!!!

Here are some of the pics from last weekend at my brothers house - ... i got a lot more noice shots but can't share unfortunately.

Miss chicken snuck a kiss from her dad

Old matey got his groove thing on

my nephew Lumpy got inquisitive with pigtails, oh and he walks now too
... love this pic of him - i think its one of my faves

So i started working on an album of sorts for a class today and have not made much leeway with it. I have decided to join in with another fabulous CJ with Bec and the girls so i might do the same style of album as what i want to do in this class. I have a few deadlines to meet so i will have to get stuck into them sunday night or possibly monday...

I hope you have all shopped in readiness for the Easter bunny - as he will be hopping on by in a weeks time... so exciting.

Don't forget to take yourself over to the digichallenge blog and vote for this weeks fave photo - the theme is HOME - i thought it was quite a hard one.... but there are some great pics and interpretations on there.This is one of the pics i was going to use but didn't ... i was procrastinating yet again.

my darling husband thought this pic was more appropriate as home is like where you rest your head... you know.... its the good 'ol bed

and my quote for today is dedicated to my dad who i am sure is looking down on me smirking and saying 'i know you can do it - i have given you the strength to' you dad.
'The dead don't die.
They look on and help.'

stay safe, smile and remember it really can't be all that bad- you just need to add laughter.

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scrapwitch said...

yeeer i love the bed shot....
im loving the weekly challenges..
love all your shot..hey when we come up can you give me a crash course in photoshop.