Sunday, March 09, 2008

busy ... and sick

well i had hoped to blog sooner... and i had hoped to scrap this weekend too... i wanted to win the lotto....and wished for a housecleaning fairy to help out... i totally lucked out on all of the above.

What i did get was .... the perfect ending to a busy week.... I got the P&C newsletter out on friday, finalised the last of the dockets for a shopping centre comp{big job}...should hear tommorow if our school has won a place, did some posters for the gym club, have a delivery date for $30,000 worth of equipment that we ordered thanks to a government grant i applied for, had a few glasses of wine with some very lovely friends, got to catch up with my little sista and brothers' families - and my nephew won at his Judo tournament, the peeps had an inhouse gym comp on Saturday and little miss chicken came first.... in everything{so proud of her- she is working really hard} and old matey did well also with a second place and third... got to watch fireworks ....and i cleaned up the front of the house including wiping down handprints on walls.... my reward for my wonderful week-------------one very nasty cold.......very, very nasty indeedy.

DH has the day off tommorow so i might have to have a chore list set up for him like the change the light bulbs that have blown, and the hedgetrimmer thing { i am not good with powertools, if you remember a few months back...whoops}...hopefully i will be able to get some more sleep tommorow and start feeling better, I have Di's smile album i have to work on and some SM work that has arrived, i also want to work on a few ideas i have for some classes.... oh and the ironing, and cleaning up of the next section of the house...

have a fantabulous day and stay safe....dont' forget the vicks

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Gallery 12 said...

hope your feeling ua ya layouts....