Monday, March 03, 2008

i really wanted to blog everyday....

...isn't it the wish of us all who blog. Life gets so banked up on us and we are always chasing our tales. I have so much fun stuff to share with you all but can't until its out there... my news is so exciting for me so hopefully it will be for you all when it comes out here to.

over the weekend i took a few shots with the new 50mm lens - and love the monochrome ones... my miss chicken is the bestest model for me when i bribe love how these shots turned out. Old matey on the other hand was too busy being evasive - therefore a shot with no smile .... and yes he needs a really good haircut - we are hoping for that this week, as tonight he has agreed to have it cut -- yippeeee says the mumma with the boy with long hair {a name we have given him in jest}.

I am a a bit of a sucker for photoshop and for digikits - the ones i have used on pics tonight i purchased off twopeas in a bucket - they have some awesome designers over there who put their wares up for sale for us all to use... thank you to you all for your remarkable talent... rhonna & sande who's kits i have used ... its a wonder i remember cause i buy so many and there are also a large amount available for free...just gotta search for them.
I truly love my photography - sometimes when we take a pic its great to look back on it and really delve into the why and the meaning and how this all makes us feel, i guess i will venture into it a bit more deeper before taking the plunge and maybe looking at it as a business...just not sure if this is the type of stuff that people are looking for when they hire somebody to take a pic.. i think i like the more natural and unposed look that we get from a subject.

Without further ado - and with no scrapping that i can share at the moment - only because it was projects i have done that have not been released or the pure fact that i have been lazy and not finished the two layouts on my desk - although i hope to have some from this coming weekend as i have my baby sister here and we are getting together for a bit of a marathon scrap... i will say goodnight... have a fabbo day tommorow.


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