Monday, April 21, 2008

its monday ...woohoo

well can you tell the excitement that i am showing in the title... my darling husband.... gosh i love him... well he plugged in my extra drive today that i thought had capput itself... it held all my photos and heaps of info that i need right back from 2004 - wellllll ... it works.. yeeeehaaaaa.... so i have been saving all that info to disk tonight... and i am still going... i tell ya make sure you back up your work with a hard copy somewhere... cause the whole cyber thing can and will fail eventually so be prepared... i consider myself extremely lucky for the second time and figure third time i might not be so lucky so i am in copy mode.

i think the original hard drive is on its last legs so hopefully it will hold out a little longer for me until i can convince my sweet caring { hope he is reading this} husband to purchase me a new puter.

so i have started the week off in great form... i did ironing this morning, i baked today {jam drops & choc chip cookies}, i did 9 loads of washing{ have no idea how i ended up with that much washing - could have something to do with the sheets i washed}, took the peeps to gym, did a little machine embroidery for kym{ hope you are happy with it} , and sat that SMILE journal of di's on the desk in the endeavour to do my page{ hasn't happened yet, but tommorow is a new day} - i think i even had time to converse with my darling husband on a range of topics... which is a good way to start the week { especially if we want a new computer - i think the jam drops might get me the puter though... gotta go for the stomach to please... it usually always}.

i joined in a challenge over at scrapboxx to do 30 layouts- using only the stash that i have and not purchasing anything else to go with.. i am really looking forward to this challenge as i will get to use up a heap of my stash... although i doubt it will make a dent but hey gotta start somewhere.

I have no pics but i do have a poem/quote as my F drive is a working...

I am still determined to be cheerful and happy, in whatever situation I may be; for I have also learned from experience that the greater part of our happiness or misery depends upon our dispositions, and not upon our circumstances.
~Martha Washington

have a great tuesday & stay safe wherever you are

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Donna said...

Hi TP - good news about that drive - I've just got myself a new 'puter and pick it up today - coconut muffins do wonders!!! Love the latest scraps from you love - esp the ship wreck - beautiful! Hope you and the pepps and DH are well - will be in touch soon for a chin wag X D