Sunday, May 04, 2008

what the!

its funny how life sneaks up on you and says - hey where are your priorities.... well ... obviously mine caught up with me this week. I have been a naughty blogger, a bad mother, and totally irresponsible person who can't look after her own self.

The past few weeks i have been throwing myself in to get a heap of grants done, school P&C work , working with some teacher aide relief work {love this}, running children here there and everywhere & waking at stupid hours of the morning to see DH off to work {he is loving the new job} .. that i really have not looked after me - i have the toothache from hell. Because i have put it off and put it off I now have an abcess under my tooth which means repeated sessions in the dentists chair at over $1000 or one very painful visit of $80.00 to get the nasty little bugger pulled out. I am tending towards the $80.00 value pack - as it would be cheaper to get a plate with a new tooth and as its in the back of my mouth i am more inclined to feel at ease... except for the pain of it all.

As for the neglecting parent thing .. well miss chicken hurt her ankle a couple of saturdays ago and we have been icing it and strapping it for her ... but she is still limping - some of this is for the sympathy vote - and she is not helping herself by making silly decisions to run around on it and hurt it again... but i have finally gone and got it looked at and she did herself some ligament damage... so hopefully she is on the mend with a little help from the physio man.

Its my little big brothers birthday tommorow - he had a party last night - we had fireworks - they were great and i got some great shots.... but .... i had the camera set on monochrome - what a dufus i am.......

I haven't really done any scrapping of late... today is the first time in a long time i have had a chance to scrap - i did Scrappydi's smile album finally and now its ready to move on to thenext person... and tonight i have done two layouts - but no pics as i am still working on them.

The new PC that i crave for is looking good -- dh is almost convinced and we may just have the new one before the end of the month- i think i have to bat my eyelids more. The Retreat i am going away on is nearing and i am so looking forward to it too.... so excited to get to scrap all weekend...

I took a quote from one of my fave Bradley Trevor Grieve books - "the book for people who do too much" - this books absolutely cracks me up - i think its cause i need to really take some of the advice in it and slow down... but life is for living so here ya go....
" The bottom line is that peo0ple who do too much end up doing too little of what really matters."
Have a great 5th of May everyone.... i am going to!


Donna said...

Helloooooo! I've been so slack - sorry my dear - when life regains some normalcy I definitely want to have a good catch up with ya - I still check in on you regularly though and keep up with what's happening in TP world - hope Miss Chicken's foot heals to 100% - and love your smile contribution - any 2007 cj's yet? What the hell is happening there - where's the bottleneck this time? Have a gr8 week thought TP and will talk to you soon X D

ScrapManda said...

Hoping all is well with your tooth and Miss Chicks foot now!

Looking forward to scrappin' with you all weekend!!!

Petrina McDonald said...

long time no chat from me - seems I have been on the same boat as you mate. Once again, your quote is speaking to me!!! perfect :)