Tuesday, May 13, 2008

In a nutshell..............

alrighty in a nutshell this is what i have been up to :

yep the darned toothache - got in to see the dentist - was a late one - appointment for 8.30pm on a friday night which turned into me sitting in the chair at 11pm and walking outta there at 11.45pm with one filling and a script for painkillers and antibiotics...what to negotiate with .... take tooth out for $80 or get root canal and a crown $1500 - guess what i am booked in to do - at 10.30pm no less .... should be an interesting night don't ya think!

done a bit of scrapping - about 4 layouts... some are a bit dark - but hey they are done.

peeps have a heap of gym contests coming up - the month of may could be a right-off..... and miss chickens ankle is still not so good - and neither is the bank balance after our weekly doctor and physio visits.

i have had a few days of paid work doing teacher aide work - loved it - the prep teachers are so much fun and really great to work with. - oh and the cash is a great incentive too especially for this sunshiney girl who would love a new computer...

catching up on promises i made to miss chickens fabulous teacher last year and have only 3 more dvd movies of the students to go and hand out... yippee ... this has been weighing heavily on me as i have been putting it aside and dealing with the hear and now - so it will be great when it has all been finalised.

have meetings with P&C last week and this week and next week - just never seems to stop...thought i would get an off week this month - but nope its not gonna happen.

also had a gym meeting and have applied for a couple of grants that i have had responses to - to let me know that they have been received.

have a retreat to go to over the weekend - my first retreat and i am looking forward to some me time - goodness knows i need to get out and scrapbook - seriously scrapbook! I feel like i have been chasing my tail the past couple of weeks - just trying to get the balance and its kinda working but not... iykwim

oh and a confession - cause i have been so busy - my poor camera has hardly been in my hands for almost two weeks - its found itself a nice little place on a bench for the time being - hopefully after this weekend i can put that bad confession to bed....

have a great day tommorow -- my list is a mile long - and by jingo, by crikey i am gonna get through it... might even chuck in some me time and get my nose pierced - i feel like living on the edge at the moment.... lol


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