Tuesday, May 20, 2008


unfortunately i am sick .... i slept most of yesterday after dropping the peeps off at school, but am feeling a bit better today. I had a fabulous weekend away at the scrapchat retreat, met heaps of new faces and mingled and behaved badly with old acquaintances... what a hoot! Thanks goes to Karen {aka gypsyangel} for the most fabulously organised retreat - you did the most awesome job of having everytyhing organised... except next time you will have to scrap with me.
going to keep this one short until i feel better cause i am on my way to bed. It's DH birthday and i made two cheesecakes today as the peeps don't like baked American cheesecake, so i made a mini toblerone for them.

did a few layouts while i was away but have not taken any pictures... will do that soon and upload .... when i am feeling better... got a big week for the rest of it.... but i promise to come back and ellaborate on my post... just gotta go to sleep now.



scrapwitch said...

ohh you poor thing...get better chicky..i loved spending time with you on the weekend...it was such a hoot...
i love how being sick you can still make cheesecake .mmmm ill share with the kids

ScrapManda said...

Sorry to hear you're crook - hope I didn't give it to you on the weekend :( I'm finally starting to feel a little better.

Was great to spend the weekend with you! You're one awesome scrappin' machine!