Friday, May 30, 2008

was gonna say

i have so much to chat about - babble on about actually - but i just hit my knee and it feels like that funny bone feeling... and no i am not laughing...i am a sook... it hurt!

so this week has flown by... i loved my life - i love my life while working too... forgot what i had been missing acutually - but dont' get any funny ideas - time is important - and i am having a real struggle with it to try and get the balance. You see time was mine - with an exception of a few hours - so i could do as i wanted and when i wanted within in reason... well..not anymore now that i am getting calls in to work - i love working its great... finding a bit of me again... but i miss my craft room so much... and my late night chatting... it just doesn't exist either.

my mum is having a few hassles over the past few weeks and my brother and sister and i have been trying to help her with it all.... its very time consuming - i think it hurts my brain the most and my patience cause its an unknown thing ... and i may be a bit of a control freak... who'd have known....thank goodness its not medical... only financial ... although i think that can be more detrimental to your health.

no scrapping from me this week unfortunately but i have earmarked saturday night for me ... so we will see what that will produce... although it will be nice to snuggle on the couch with a good movie with my DH as we haven't had much time to chat this week.

my DS is doing so well at his double base - his music teachers spoke with me today and made me so proud of him... he is such a beautiful little person... and i can't wait for him to perform in a concert that is planned soon....

and for a bit more blabbering on nothing this fellow just turned one in the last week also.... i made him for Miss chickens birthday last year... note to self - only got a few more months to old mateys birthday and should finnish the brown bear half made for him too...

enjoy the weekend everyone... if i get a chance i might just photograph all the layouts i have done and upload... bit of a task tho..

loving the urban word of the day --- in my side bar... it is so me...

Fashionably Late
The refined art of being just late enough (5 minutes or so) to give the impression that you are a busy, popular person that was held up with other business.

keep smiling



Michelle Jamieson said...

Love your Scrap room, babe!!
Looks like mine atm...pulled apart!! That is number one on the list this week!

So glad you are enjoying work!

Happy Birthday to Miss Chicken! Looks like she had a fab birthday!

Chelle Xx

Donna said...

OK - so where is all this scrappin gyou did at the weekend retreat huh huh huh??? There's no good just hiding away - I'll just keep harassing you - now get to it TP - I wanna see!!!!!!

Tammy James said...

HI Tracey, hope you have had some success finding that balance!

Pamela said...

Hi peeps,

Sounds like you have been super busy, hope all is okay with your mum and your new job is going well... When you have 5 mins wouldn't mind the toblerone cheesecake recipe that sounds devine and I love new recipes.....

You rock babe
Love Pam xo