Saturday, June 14, 2008

time sure flies when you are having fun. I have found myself spinning and turning with so much on that i am gettting all muddled up in my head.... hence not a lot of scrapping going on at the moment - heaps of ideas up in the black space --- but not alot is being made from it.

i have received two of my Circle Journals home - and they look fabulous - i am so happy with all of my wonderful friends who have added their pages they have really done a beautiful job that i will cherish forever. The journal below is the first that i received back that i titled "stealing 30 seconds" - i will upload the other tommorow as i have heaps to upload as i am playing catchup for the past two weeks.

Here are a few of the layouts minus two from the scrapchat retreat away that i had finished... there were a lot - i totally had a funtastic time and scrapped myself silly in the process. Oh there are a couple of extra ones that i completed to go towards my total of 30 layouts for the scrapboxx challenge that i took up too... so i am getting closer to my 30 layouts ... only a couple more to go - i really should finnish the 5 almost done ones on my desk i guess.

I will try to blog again tommorow as i have more pics and stuff to ramble on about.... too much to put up here tonight as it will probably run over three pages....

thought for my day
Seek not to understand that you may believe, but believe that you may understand.
Saint Augustine - Christian philospher..

stay safe and remember to smile and have fun - may your sunday be a bundle of it all...

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Donna said...

What a feast for my eyes!!!! Wow - you are amazin g- look at all that work - so good to finally see more of your talent - and there's a few there I may just have to lift as well. I know you're as busy as a worker ant - so thanks for posting all that stuff - the cj's a beautiful too - looking forward to mine! Seeya mama peep, X D