Sunday, June 15, 2008

two days in a row-

well it must be a record or something....

Okes whats new -- i have my new computer - only thing is i have to upload all my address book and it is taking me longer than i had hoped for because i am going from XP to Vista and i have no idea what i am doing - think i may be going to the library tommorow to get Vista for dummies.

Both my beautiful little peeps competed at their respective Regional Gymnastics comps and did mighty fine - Old Matey didn't have a win but did well and enjoyed his day, Miss Chicken rocked the house -- and was so so excited with her 1st place on her fave apparatus - the beam.... MY PEEPS SO ROCK! - i have to go to bed and still have not tweaked my pics - so i will have to upload these maybe tommorow.

What else has been happening - well my mum seems to be sorting her life out - and it is going to be one of those uphill financial battles - but with a little help from her much adoring children{thought i would upsell myself there} - she will be cool - fingers are all crossed -- she is so lucky to have my baby sister up there helping her out each and everyday - i love you T - you are doing a fab job at taking this onboard and being pregnant too as well as taking instructions from your big sis and big bro.

My DH and I have also become the proud owners of a new Billiards/pool table as of friday afternoon - and who would have know that Old matey is a bit of a pool shark.... DH is still loving his new job... busy busy ... but coming home with a smile and relishing all the new things that he is learning too.

I have been doing a spot of teacher aide work - love it! - never thought i would have a need to work or that i would even crave to want to ... but the work bug has kicked in ---only a small problem with that is that i am so behind in organising stuff to send to Jenny for scrapbooking classes....{sorry Jennny} - I am so used to having all the time in the world but with having to organise myself better it is hard - my black space between my ears gets all confused and i am flat out sorting and prioritising my daily list so that it makes any sense.... i know all you working mummas out there are thinking WELCOME TO MY WORLD - but truly i envy you all....but can someone tell me the secret cause i spent 5 hours washing and ironing on saturday --- drove me insane... and i love ironing - its just that i am sure my kids are using everything in their draws at the moment.

Okes the next installment of scrapping pics are from my FASHION VICTIM Circle Journal - I had a blast in making this beaut little paper bag CJ - and I could not have hoped for anything better to come home to me -- the contributors have done and absolutely awesome job. Thank you for the coolest CJ back girls.

how fat is this CJ - and each and every page is packed with an awesome layout full of love!

the sign in page

my page - flower power

scrapwitch - what will i wear
{ she's a nudey cause i forgot to put her dress on - they are in the cupboard}

webgod - pink diamonte thongs

poppysmum - I love the 80's

binrow - what the -fashion victim!

fess - just odd shoes

chellejamo - my love for all things bright

scrapmanda - black and white

So lets see if i can blog for a third day in a row tommorow - got a load on --- supposedly gonna put more pics up on the blog and also make a cover for the pool table tommorow... that should be fun.

seeya, stay safe, enjoy your day with a smile.


Donna said...

Well can I say - it's about b%$#*y time! Yay - how exciting is it to get a journal back - and itlooks lurvely too - you must be pleased with it - a nice littel coffee table adornment for oyu! I've been checking in every day lately and wondered if you were still alive - good to see you are my dear - and lovin gyour new 'puter too I bet. Catch ya, X DK

rih2002 said...

the cj looks awesome my dear.....

just wanted to send out a lifeline to you..... hope everythings ok !!

Pamela said...

The CJ has come back and man it looks wonderful.......

Lisa said...

Hey, long time no chat!! Love your Blog and love your work. Hope all is good with you and yours. :-) I have given you an Award!! Check out my Blog for info! Hugs, Lisa

Pamela said...


Hope everything is okay no blog updates hopefully you are just busy.

Love to you Pam