Tuesday, July 15, 2008

long time no blog....

gosh i bet you read that on a million blogs... just thought i would use it again this month for you all. I have been busy - although i have no idea what i have been busy with ...

Not sure if it was the last two weeks of the school term that writ me off for the month or what it was ... but gee it went fast - i guess thats a good thing cause that means life is great!!!

So the news ... i got published in Scrapbooking Memories magazine... i participated in the Kaiser Challenge... and i am pretty chuffed about the whole thing too... - very modest though - i only bought one magazine...lol

i have a CJ that i should be working on to send off in the mail... been a bit sidetracked with that... and i have some altered playing cards to go in the mail too... but just forgot to get the address to send to- whoops for me...

The peeps have been keeping well.... attitude with age is testing me as a parent... i guess we never stop growing as we get older....or learning either. The peeps did well and had a great time at their respective Gymnastics events over the holiday period. Everyone is back at School today and having fun by the sounds of things - so glad to here Miss Chicken came home and said how cool her teacher is ... i can't tell you how happy i am after her last two terms and the drama we have been having in our house with how she has been handling it all ... only way is up with the smiles and laughter from now on - i tell ya!

miss chicken in fine form - she's pretty good with the follow through

old matey hamming it up on the bowling green

The peeps got to hang out with their Grandparents over the break - they got to play a bit of lawn bowls while we visited them and then they got to go to the Museum and Science Centre - they had a blast.

i have booked myself in for another Scrap retreat with the loverly gypsyangel and friends from her site... so cannot wait to get away again and scrap up a storm.

I have promised myself to take my hiney over to Stamp Antics tommorow and visit Jenny - i have had a project to teach for over a month on my desk but have been so busy with other issues that have cropped up that i have not been able to get over to see her- so tommorow is the day!

We went to a family Christening over the weekend and had a great time... its so great to catch up with family - everyone looked great and we all had a great time.... the babe was absolutely adorable.. as you would imagine...

Looking forward to the second half of the year.. hopefully big things are coming my way and lots of fun in the process... be back soon to upload hopefully - i have to get myself to bed and to sleep...
- stay safe and keep smiling



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Petrina McDonald said...

good to hear you are still alive and kicking!!!
busy busy busy...aren't we all??!!!