Friday, July 18, 2008

okerly dokerly

I love how non- grammatically correct i am .. i bet you would not have guessed i was a virgo huh?

okes so what is new.... i forgot to let you all know that i finally took the plunge and got the old nasal piercing done.... yep it hurt but only as bad as the earlobe... once its done its over with...although........ if you bump it out at 4am in the morning in your sleep it hurts way worse... but even better..... if you try to get the sucker back in your nose... OUCH!!!!... i think it was the 4am thing that hurt the worst.

The peeps are enjoying their 3rd term of school... and 3rd term of gym - i am smiling .... so happy ... it so relieves the pressure off me as a parent when all that important stuff flows nicely in the home.

Dh and i are looking at repainting. I have been searching around for a buffet and a display cabinet... haven't really been able to find any that i can say i would call my own so we are looking at having them made outta tassie oak.... so a dilemma approaches.... we need to repaint the family room and kitchen/dining areas to suit as we have timber floor that has aged a noice golden yellow.... and the walls of those areas are a beautiful rich yellow.... so we have decided to add a few bold new feature walls... and paint the rest antique white... I must say i can't wait for it all to be done ... sooooo husband is the best!

Been busy with volunteering at the school - loving it .... it is very rewarding... got a few things off the list that i promised people i would do ... so that is a good feeling.

Finally went and visited Jenny at Stamp Antics... and have booked myself in to teach 3 classes.... i have to finish one of them, which will be a handbag paper bag album... hopefully this will be a hit.... love these albums and they are not what you normally would expect to do for a paper bag album. One of the other classes will be a file album to store cards that you pre-make ... kinda nifty and i got the idea from the tallyscrapper site ... way awesome idea......

Went to a family Christening over the past weekend - DH's cousin's daughter... way cute and and awesome day.

I have a bit of planning to do this weekend - as a friend has asked if i would like to do a scrap-birthday party for her daughter... am so excited and scared at the same time as i don't want the little people to be bored with what is on offer for them to make ... so thinking cap is on to create a bit of genius i hope.

gosh i ramble on.........

so this is me saying bye... have a fabulous weekend... even though i seem busy ... goodness knows why... i am so loving life... and cant' wait to get into the craft room over the weekend.

oh yeah forget some awesome news....... had a few things displayed over at the bumblebeecrafts warehouse which i have got back this weekend .. .forgot how much i loved what i created even though its not the colors i would have chosen... and i was asked if i would like to create an album with the Kaiser craft planner a few months back , which has since been published in the Scrapbooking Memories mag - Vol10 Iss3... so thats it from me----- hope you are all geared up for a fabbo weekend!

sorry no pictures ... you can click on the link to the digi challenge on the right of my blog if you are looking for a fix..... i am so



scrapwitch said...

love your kaiser piece in SM ,,sounds like your right back to it .have you been creating???????????
love to see some peeps magic..
show me some art..and show me a pic of the new piercing.i want to see.robyn is coming this weekend on her way home with her little peeps .lets organize coffs for nov...or are you going to the scrap chat retreat (love those guys )

Tammy James said...

Hi Trace,
Good to hear from you, sounds like you are having a great time!
Looking forward to seeing some creating from you!
Take Care

Lisa said...

Hi Tracey, great to see some new posts here - something new for me to looksie at!! LOL And, yep, I am looking forward to seeing some of your amazing creations too. Contrats on the SM publish,it is fab - and cool on the nasal ring!! I love mine! Love that pic of your son playing bowls - cracked me up!!

Donna said...

Hey TP! So you haven't actually fallen off the face of the earth *phew* !!! I've been meaning to call you and say congrats on the album in SM - it was by far the noicest of them all! You are such a clever chickie! And ditto to the rest of 'em - I wanna see some of your lovely creations - we all wanna see!!! X Don