Monday, August 11, 2008

another fine day...

i had a full on weekend... little peeps went to gymnastics training saturday, i baked sausage rolls for my friend gilly's 40th birthday suprise party, we had a fabbo time, and i think she had a blast too.

slept in sunday that was today when i started typing up my entry...... i love my family - they are the best, i woke up around 10ish i think and my beautiful angels greeted me with a kiss, and can i help you with something mum, i am truly blessed.

Alas it was not a pyjama sunday like i had envisioned - I got a start on the washing as soon as i jumped out of bed, there were so many loads that i did...and there are still around 4 loads to go, i swear the little people are doing this to show me i can't cope with holding down the fort, scrapping, volunteering, and working an honest weeks work. Well just when they think they have won, i am gonna fit in a scrap day for most of Monday... yep its their pupil free day, and i am gonna scrap, they will just have to find something interesting to do to entertain themselves, and that will not include trashing the house with toys or muddy feet. I have invited a few friends over for my monday scrap, so we should all have a fun day, as long as i get to create i will be happy..

DH and i talked about the canvas/photo feature i want to create on our new red feature wall , i will have to add pics of the newly painted walls soon... keep forgeting to update, so i will be trying to organise the canvasses to be completed before 2010. There is no point in rushing a good thing i reckon.

and a quote for the day... reflection is a fantastic thing ...

A heart is not judged by how much you love. But by how much you are loved by others.

The Wizard of Oz - The Tin Man

Thank you everyone for all your wishes on my Aunt passing, she is now watching over me making sure that i do a good job when i hem that next pair of pants or sew that row of buttons on.

I hope you all have a memorable Monday, stay safe and remember to smile.


Tammy James said...

Hi Sweetie,
Have a GREAT day today Scrapping your lil heart out and chatting away!
Looking forward to seeing those finished walls. : )

miss~nance said...

Hope your scrapping day was all you wanted it to be.

Michelle Jamieson said...

So very sorry to hear about your Great Aunt Lily...she sounds like she was quite special to you!
Hugs babe!

Check out my blog...I've givven you an award!

Chelle Xx

Lisa said...

Hope mondays scrap day was very creative! You amaze me - how many hours in your day - do you ever sleep?? LOL. And love the tinman quote!