Friday, August 08, 2008

family are soooo special

Well what a huge couple of weeks i have had ... i have been working.... so loving every moment... so exhilirating... its great....

The peeps have been so busy with their life also.... and DH has been full on with heaps at work so all in all it has been one extremely busy household... loving it of course!

Unfortunately my first class was cancelled as there were not enough beautiful people booked in.... but that is cool... it was just meant to be. I have another class to teach over at Stamp Antics on the 16th i think ... a paper bag album ... should be fabulous... and so looking forward to it too.

on other news... i have been working up a storm....i did get to load up my pic for the Gallery 12 this week... so if you get an opportunity you should go vote ... the girls involved have been taking some awesome shots.

I had some news this arov... not pleasant at distressing... my Great Aunt passed away... she was such a beautiful spirit... a true and honest woman... totally beautiful ... when things like this happen i tend to reflect ... i am not coping with this at all... it makes me cry so bad everytime i think about it...............I remember the times as a child my father,who has also gone now , used to bundle the 5 of us children up in the car to go visit my Great Aunt Lily, i was so fascinated at all that she had .... she was the first person that i ever new that had her own bloody sewing room... i truly believe that i had been blessed with the dressmaking skills that she had... even if only by one bristle.... i cannot tell you how devastated i am this afternoon.

I so wish i had made more of an effort to visit more often ....... its a shame that an event like this has come about for me to think this way again.

I have been so blessed to have had this remarkable woman in my life... she had one true love.... and remained faithful to him... she had so many stories to tell...and told them with such detail and pride.... she remembered everyones birthdays... even if it was in a book ... she is remarkable ... i have the memories of a beautiful Aunt who could show and tell me things that i was so encapsulated in her every word that i became a part of her story....

Aunt Lily i will miss you and my heart are and will always be a very significant person who i believe passed down a gift to me .... i love you..................

today did not get any better from there on... i phoned one of my Aunts to ask on the status of things and she was at the hospital with my Great there was still more news to come .. i was just unaware of Great Uncle Walter is not well either and i have been told he has only a few weeks....bugger me..... why?

My Aunt Lily was the oldest in the family... she was about to celebrate her 91st birthday in a week and a half, well her brother... my Uncle , who is a survivor , has beaten cancer once, and as i found out a few weeks back has had a couple of strokes recently... but hasn't long to live as his cancer has come back and it is in his liver, tonight he is in hospital, and has had to deal with the news of his sister having passed ..... he hopes to be well enough to be discharged from hospital and to attend his sisters funeral in a week or so... i do hope that his wishes are granted ... he has also lived an extraordinary life....

I have been so blessed to be a part of and learn from two of the most knowlegable people , people who have shown me love and compassion and showed me that i matter in this world in which i live.... thank you ... i love you both.

Okes , i wish i had more to blog about ... but i am exhausted from my afternoon, but i know that if i did not get it out .... i would not be able to sleep tonight and its alreacy late and i feel like crap... i want ot cry again... i need a big cuddle... i don't cope to well with death... it sucks... surely with all the money in curing things and research they would have worked out how to prolong death.... seriously... i am not coping with this at all....

i had some great news.. i received news that i had 'won' another grant for the gymnasium yesterday... so everyone is happy... thats fab!

i have to go ... have to sleep ... i have a big day tommorow....

found a poem {unfortunately i do not have the author.. but all the same it is beautiful}

We can be left with nothing greater
than gentle memories of all people
who touch our lives in many ways.

When we gather happy memories
and hold them close to our hearts,
the gentle spirit of peace will touch us.

And as we go on celebrating
the times we celebrate together,
we’ll find the treasure of remembering and the comfort of believing that each of our lives is indeed a gift…

To be held in our hearts forever.

stay safe


Tammy James said...

Big Hugs Trace!

Petrina McDonald said...

big cyber cuddle coming at you Tracey. Sorry to hear your news :(

Lisa said...

So sorry to hear this sad news Tracey! Sending you a great big hug - not the same as a real hug, but thinking of you anyway!