Saturday, August 30, 2008

here i am ....

what a full on week, not that i am complaining ... but its been full on.

My Great Aunt Lily was put to rest on Monday... it was really hard to read the Eulogy... but i got it done... i don't think it has sunk in yet ... i am yet to have my good solid cry to get it all out. My G-uncle Walter did not make it to his sisters funeral as he wasn't feeling the best.. and then on Friday morning the phonecall i guess i knew was coming but wish didn't .. he passed away...I am so lucky that both of these beautiful people have been a part of my life and i have been blessed to have learnt many things that have made me, me from them... I love you both.

I think its harder for me to write my feelings at the moment because there has been so much going on and i think i am choosing not to deal with it here and now... but i know that everything will slow down and hit me like a lead balloon sooner or later.

I have done a tiny bit of scrapping... a bit therapeutic if you will... well... i had an email from the lovely chelle from The Stamp Shak, reminding me of their August Cybercrop... and i am so glad that i had the reminder because it was just what i needed.. so i completed two of the challenges as i ran out of time, they are hope you like....oh and i just checked the site online... i won the challenge for my layout... how cool... so stoked.. thanks everyone for the votes... i get so excited when my kids compete at the gymnastics... its like they are really at the olympics... and thanks to Chelle the lovely moderator at The Stamp Shak for being a great Cyber hostess... its a great site and if you get the chance you should pop in to say hello in the forum.

I have been getting some awesome work opportunities of late... so it has been hectic here in the peeps household, i so envy all working mums... it truly does my head in... i am now working, volunteering, being a mum {and all that,that entails},trying to keep up with my craft, trying to organise my house and finish decorating{which sadly has taken a back burner}... so its been hectic... i am thinking that something will give shortly and i really am thinking it will not be the craft...the even balance is not an easy one to master by any means so any hints on how to get the balance will be much appreciated from all my reading friends.

I received an email from Scrapbooking Memories on Friday... I was so happy... after my early morning sad call... i came home to a great email... a BTP acceptance --- so cool!!! mind you i am unsure exactly for what BTP it was for .. but i am happy cause it must have been good to be accepted to go to print.

I guess thats it from me.. i have a few jobs that i said that i would do ... i can't help myself with the volunteering stuff.... it gives me a bit more purpose i guess... so i will have to say goodbye to cyberspace for another week maybe .... and be off to do some desktop publishing work... duty

I hope you all have a great Sunday...enjoy it... its here for 24 hours only....

"I believe that imagination is stronger than knowledge --
myth is more potent than history --
dreams are more powerful than facts --
hope always triumphs over experience --
laughter is the cure for grief --
love is stronger than death." ~Robert Fulghum



Donna said...

Hi there! How good is that email about getting in to SM - congrats to you Miss TP - but I do have a slight complaint - I wanna see more of your scraps please pretty please!!!

ScrapManda said...

So sorry to hear about the passing of your great aunt and uncle! Keep up your craft...I always find time for it - keeps me sane (sort of!). Congrats on another acceptance!