Monday, September 22, 2008

on the road.... somewhere.....

Well how long has it been - too long - finally i have found this little snippet in time to sit at the computer to blog. So much has been going on lately, I have two of the eldest people in our family leave us - i hope they are watching over us all and smiling. I have been working - that has been great, although my legs are feeling their age..which reminds me i had a birthday in there somewhere too.. gotta love another year passing us by. My darling husband spoilt me rotten - i know own a Wii - yippeee -- but my arm is sore from tennis and the bowling games. There was an engagement party and more birthday parties. I have had meetings and minutes and newsletters type up - so there really was no time for much at all except livin' in the moment.

Ahhh scrapping you say --- well i taught at a birthday party for 4 girls - we made little handbags... they were way cute - i have not actually done any scrapping for myself until yesterday - its been a while, i haven't really taken many photos either, but hopefully i am on the road to a brand new spring morning where i can change all that.

The peeps are doing well, more gymnastics, the have performed at the spring festival in displays that ran the whole weekend and they were so exhausted but so excited at the same time to get to show off what they could do. They have also been competing again over the holidays - old matey had one saturday and enjoyed himself - no winning - but he will find his way - as long as he has a smile and has a go its all good. Miss chicken is yet to compete...

here's a couple of pics - one from the fireworks at the fair and the other was at a friends house with miss chicken on top of the fort... climbing as she usually does.

enjoy the rest of your day - and keep smiling.


ScrapManda said...

I wondered if your Miss Chicken would be performing at the Gymnastics at Spring Festival - I looked but didn't see here! We were there over the weekend too (working for Guides) but missed you :( Enjoy the hols!

Can you make Girls Night In on Oct 4?? Would love to see you!

Gizmo said...

Amazing photos chickie!!
You rock :)