Tuesday, October 14, 2008

golly gosh ... whose a naughty girl?

Well there ya go i have neglected my blog... its a shame that life is so busy ....but its always good so there is a good answer for any questions that will come of that i guess....

I have been in a swap on the Stamp Shak with some beautiful people - it was a swap for Christmas cards .. so awesome ... bet you all want to see what they look lile huh -- well you will have to wait as i have been soooooo busy i have not had a chance to take pics..... but they are a coming ... there will be a craft overload soon. i also had a play at the Cyber crop over there and the challenges are fun as ....

I have also taken on a challenge on the SM site - its called challenge 20 - although i said i would do 30 layouts instead ... what was i thinking - but its been good - i have reached half way, or there abouts, just no pics still.. gosh this must be a boring blog for you all....

The volunteer life is pretty full on - but its good -- i guess that's why i am not taking enough pics at the moment... although i have squeezed in the digichallenge blog pics... thank goodness... i really enjoy having a play over their with the girls - and donski is so good at giving us the inspiration . Hopefully by friday i will have something up here to back up what i have just typed ...lol... but unti then here is a few pics - -

my miss chicken when to the Regional championships a little whileback

part of my order from Two Peas - i just love two peas -

I attended the GNI crop organised by gypsyangel over at ScrapChat - and it was awesome - she really outdoes herself everytime - the community is so lucky to have such a lovely person out there who has such a great interest in such special causes - thank you gypsy for a fabbo night - both miss chicken and myself totally enjoyed ourselvea - she even got some layouts done herself.

and lastly my baby girl went on her school camp this week - i know she is so excited but i am not coping at all -- why is it that they grow up??? --- as she was going she kept saying i miss you mum , i love you mum, she just kept watching me & waiting for me to cry - she is so so strong and its so so hard to let this little cherub go ... i am so scared for what is out there and awaits her... but i know that she will have a fun time... i miss her constant conversation.... hang on ... old matey is gettin a word in now ... i bet he has a different take on that ....lol..

oh and a quote to finish me off ....

“We’ve had bad luck with our kids—they’ve all grown up.” — Christopher Morley

have a fabulous Wednesday - stay safe and remember to smile


Tammy James said...

Hi Tracey,
Well as usual you sound flat out! Looking froward to seeing what you have been creating and Congrats to your big - little Miss Chicken too!

Donna said...

Hi there oldie! Good to see you still love your blog!! And as always love to hear what's been happening in Tiddly-World. Have you seen my latest creation? Check it out at mine... X D