Friday, October 17, 2008

helloooo weekend

i am so looking forward to tomorrow - my dh has not booked golf really early -- so that means i get to sleep in --yippeeeeeee... i love sleeping in - i have had to be the sport parent driver for a few Saturdays lately and it does not work at all for me - although last week i think i must have spent at least $200 after i dropped the peeps off at gym....

Life gets so hectic around this time of year - in every business - especially the schools... We just had our variety concert at the school, and it was so fantastic - the little people so rocked it - i am exhausted and just as it was about to start we had a call from the teacher on school camp where miss chicken was and she was ill - so after old matey performed his two things - he had the last act - we loaded ourselves into the car for a trip down the coast - what fun - well miss chicken was quite sick - but now at home she sounds a lot better although she still has a few symptoms.

I have a heap coming up with planning the school disco - they are going to have a good old monster mash - & its gonna be the bomb! I think i have to really be nuts as to do this - but the little people are gonna have so much fun - it will be crazy kinda fun.

I have finally taken some pics of some layouts and a couple of cards i made - yes finally - so here they are

at a friends' place i threw this together - don't think i really thought about this one...whoops

i created this card for the swap at Stamp Shak

enjoy the looksie - if i have time over the weekend i would love to get 10 more done. Have a fun Saturday - i hope to when i eventually wake.

ciao tracey

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Donna said...

Ahhh - the smell of productivity - don't ya love it!!! And - that wouldn't happen to be...paint splashed all over those layouts would it!!! Ha - knew you'd succumb eventually! Hey TP - check out my two newest pieces at my spot xxx DK