Sunday, December 21, 2008

no ordinary sunday

yep it hasn't been an ordinary one for us here... we got to relax.... although i was outta my pj's by 10.30am, which was a bit scary... and down to the shops to look at new phones - could not decide - i can get myself a big flash fandangle one - or i can go the cheapy and save the dollars to go towards a new video camera or a graphics tablet...mmmmmm...let me think.... i know the bells and whistle phone is sounding appealing - but truly i don't think so......

My DH has sick - so sick that he has not said two words about the scrap mess adourning our table - you see the craft room is so full and a huge mess that i dragged stuff out to scrap with friends last week, and i still have not put it back in the room... hence i have done one journal which is ready to send on its way for the next person - Scrappydi's album is winging its way to you my dear Kebab - its leaving the post office hear on Monday... and i currently am working on Scrappergirl's CJ - mighty fine journal too --- love the entries in it so far - then i will be setting my sights on Beck's little beauty - you girls have given me a few fun titles to play with - so hopefully by Tuesday arvo i will have both these babies ready to send off to Jo - as well as my own - its been on my desk for months - just haven't got round to wrapping it and sending it.

On Friday my extremely ill husband arrived home early - i decided to sneak away down the 'Point' to get some photos of the children at the lighthouse - miss chicken decided that she wanted some but not old matey - hence i was not happy and the whole shoot went AWOL cause the little tyke made me cranky. Welllll my DH suprised me with not one but two gorgeous bunches of roses when i came home - they are just starting to open up into full bloom today - got a pic to prove it too .

- see told you they were gorgeous , and yep i am spoilt - he is the bestest husband!

Miss chicken standing in front of the light house - it was so windy
-- harsh weather for photo taking.

I did a couple of scrap layouts this weekend too - i figured all the stuff was on the table why not use it - so here ya go ........

Old matey grew his hair long last xmas - found the tags on the right off some new clothes i bought him last monday - thought they suited just fine with this picture.

This little fellow was sitting holding two DS's - he is a computer geek - loves them - he is addicted - so he looks like he has to choose - the pink or the blue one....poor boy.

Chalk Drawings - the little people snuck out the back with the bucket of chalk to colour in the tiles - and they coloured in heaps - it look fabulous.

Also this is my entry into a Journal that SandyB organised over at Scrapchat for Al... thanks Sandy for taking the pic for me - i forget to do that some times, and i dont' want to open all the packaging just for a pic.

My layout for SandyB's friends album...

and lastly old matey was yelling out to me this arvo after he had gone for a swim - "mum come ere and bring your camera!" - what for i ask as i approached the back door - 'bring your camera - i want a picture of this' - well he had been disturbing this poor grasshoppers peace - so we got a few pics and off he hopped... safe for another day.

So that's me for another weekend - i also got to sign up to face book --- my lil sister will be so proud, i did a tutorial on Windows and set up Speech Recognition on my computer - way cool - the peeps think i am really smart now - lol.... i fixed my computer program for my sewing machine - and have started making more wings - yippeeee, which i hope to sell eventually - once i work out the website creation thing oh and i did copious amounts of washing again as well as shovel sand for my DH as he decided that this weekend we would change the sand over in the pool pumps filter....

Next on my list is to wrap xmas presents, make a xmas plum pudding, make pelmets for my dining room, find curtains for my bedroom...i want some of those long,long, long ones that i can tie up - i have blinds already - i want the curtains to soften the look ....i am thinking that i will have to make what i want or possibly buy the curtains used on a canopy iykwim.... and my list goes on.....

take care all


Tammy James said...

Hi Tracey,
lots going on there you sound very accomplished this post. Makes me feel good reading someone is organised . LOL.
Hope you have a great Christmas.
T. x

Michelle Jamieson said...

How lucky are you?? Hold on to that man!!
I hope he's feeling better soon. Miss Ella has the lurgy atm, just what we need for Christmas??

Love those layouts, especially the chalk one...fabulous, although they all are. Nice to see you scrapping, even if it is on the dining room table! LOL

Chelle Xx

Donna said...

Good for you Tiddly - hope your christmas was wonderful - love those layouts too. Shall check in with you in the new year my dear when the dust settles, X D