Tuesday, December 16, 2008

school's out for summer....

and ain't it true.. so i can sort of get my self organised and start to really enjoy my little peeps, although if you had my day with them yesterday you would want school to be back in. I typedthe last of the P&C minutes last night - i only need to tidy up a few loose ends and the Segetary job is all good to be put to bed for the remainder of the year.

Yesterday the peeps played in the pool {the best investmentwe have ever made- i do reckon}, then we went to the doctors to drop off some stuff for DH as he has not been well, after this we popped in to a local scrap shop for approximately 3 minutes as the peeps decided that they were not going to behave for me - so we loaded ourselves back in the car for an {earful of good christmas cheer} - before heading home; {mummy very unhappy}- but alas mummy had a brainwave - lets go to officeworks and if you two behave you will not have to go to your rooms when you get home....ahhhhh bliss... and $200 later..... maybe i should have went home... oh well i got some great things.. i finally succumbed and bought myself an embossing label maker{dymo gun} among other things ....

So we woke this morning from a great sleep and decided that we would go on an adventure - mummy suggests a shopping adventure with lots of things to see; so we loaded ourselves into the car and headed on our way to a big fully airconned shopping centre - and bought heaps - loved the day -and so did the peeps....only because they got so many new clothes - DD 3 new shirts, 1 new skirt, 3 pairs shoes, water squirters, lollies, donuts and lunch; DS 6 new shirts, fave kid mag, water squirters, lollies, donuts, lunch; mummy well i made sure i was well taken care of - new scrap rulers, chidpboard alphas, a new fan, sandwich press; and dad - well poor dad has caught our flu bug and worked all day to come home and open the mail - what did he get - a visa bill that was astronomical... but hey that is life....he knows we love him and all he does for us...and we try to make him smile at least 5 times a day.... and a few hugs and kisses thrown in too.

things that have happened prior to the last couple of posts - the peeps had their swimming carnival - was a rainy but extrememly hot day - old matey came last - but had a great time - he is just happy if he finnishes - he is a good sport like that. Miss Chicken well she came third in most of her races- and she had a great time to

Old Matey - all finished the race and relieved by the look on his face.

Miss chicken on the way down the lane - go girl!!

On the last week of school miss chicken had her Medieval Day - yes i was nuts - i made her costume on the Sunday - the day for the event was monday - but i got it made - she was peeking - but not too much - she knows i won't let her down - and i have been lucky that she likes the clothes i have sewn her... which has got me thinking the past couple of days i might dabble in a bit of sewing on the side and start myself an etsy shop - just of childrens clothing - simple funky items - i will be sure to try them out on her before going for the sell.

Miss chicken in her Medieval Dress - yep i made this baby -- now she wants to wear it all the time.

On the scrapping front = not a lot happening - been buying bits and pieces like a new heat gun etc... I finished ScrappyDi's swap album for a swap on SM just gotta post this baby off.... I have received two beautiful journals from Bec's swap - both beck's and sarah's - so i want to get them done before the end of the week and then post them off too as well as my own which has been sitting on my desk for months - sorry beck and girls - i truly have been so slack - no excuses, just busy thats all, but no excuses.

I hope to get the craft room tidied up by the end of the week too --- oh my gosh!!! - what a mess... but like i said - i have been busy - so i get in and do what i have to and get out - its the aftermath thats the killer.

This week i want to work on my design for Scrap 'n' with T and start throwin together a few ideas i have for mini albums - been in that headspace and its killing me not getting it done actually.

till next time
stay safe and have fun


Tanyah Payne said...

wow the dress is divine! you one amazing sewer!

Love those pics too! awesome!

luv tanXx

Tanyah Payne said...

hey trace i have an award for you on my blog

luv tanXx