Monday, March 23, 2009

busy, busy

Okay so i checked the date on my watch tonight -- the 20th march... i am a few days behind - a bit of a time warp - oh well we best move on then. I have been busy again - go figure... so here is a bit of an update so far:
A few of the layouts i created over at A2Z Scraplets to showcase their Rockstar, Cupcake & mum scraplets as well as the Butterfly Dreams pack of scraplets.

I got to create a couple more OLW cards too over the past couple weeks - Love the words that Gypsy and the girls are coming up with over at Scrapchat.

OLW card - snap

OLW card - snap

OLW card - peace
I was also asked by the fabulous Gypsyangel if i would liek to create one of the Challenges for her CC for the month of March - you can guess my answer -- oh yeahhhh baby! - so here were my projects - the spec was to use one sheet of pattern paper on at least 3 projects - more if you could- you had to use paint, stitching, fabric and stamping...

what else have i been up to ... well... i joined another swap over at the stamp shak, i advised on one of my fave techniques over at Scrap n Craft with T, and i am trying to finish off my CC entries over at the March on The Stamp Shak....

In the perfect world the housecleaner aka tracey came to visit today. She got stuck into a lot of the chores that needed to be done - such as - the ironing which took her copious hours to do ( and she is still not finished), she answered emails, washed up, emptied the dishwasher, emptied the grabage bins, did 4 loads of washing, folded laundry , dusted the laundry, made lunches for the peeps, had a meeting with p&c staff, counted money, took orders for stock, did the grocery shopping, mowed the lawn, picked up the peeps from gymnastics, put away the groceries, cleaned up after dinner (which her darling husband cooked... yum), is resizing photos for the gym club, participated in a few family discussions (its hard to get the non hired help to see reason).

Tracey is now trying to unwind after a few family discussions - hopefully the housecleaner will get a day off tomorrow to do all those things that she wished she could do everyday ... but is only really wanting one day - tuesday - lets hope she gets her wish.

till i blog again -- which i hope is sooner rather than later --- enjoy your tuesday ...



Michelle Jamieson said...

LOL...I'm tired reading what you did yesterday!! Holy Moly!!

I hope you get some time to yourself today! :)

Chelle Xx

My sista made me do it said...

you poor girl finally having to be like the rest of us lol. love the layouts of the peeps and the cards. C u in a week xo

Tanyah Payne said...

Wow your one busy woman! how do you do it all!.....

Was great catching up the other day and seeing your layouts in real life! they are totally aweosme! seeing what you create it blows mea away!

take care
luv tanXx

ScrapManda said...

Lovin' all your A2Z LO's (& everything else!!!). Hope you get to have a break over Easter! Enjoy!