Saturday, April 11, 2009

it's the holidays...

okay so ... 10 days off ... they are gonna go so quick. Today i awoke to the feeling of -- "you go do that girl!" - so i did -- in between loads of washing, chatting with the peeps & dh, eating quickly, playing the wii, it raining and having to take everything off the clothes line umpteen times... i scrapped - yes you heard it right - i scrapped -- and not just any project - i scrapped myself silly so that i could enter the kaisercraft dt comp. At 11.55pm tonight it was all sent... gosh what relief - i love working under pressure - bet you want to see my single layout and my double layout and my mini album -- well---- i can't show ya - you are going to have to wait and

We were good folk here today - the peeps and dh had fish and chips and i scrambled eggs for Good Friday dinner... nice an light - and hopefully okay for my diet... dont' think i said i was on a diet... well i am - i want to loose a little bit - so i can go on a clothes shopping spree- I am sure it will make me feel even more fabulous.

Whats been happening - well - the last week and a half i have been teacher aiding in the preps room -- i got to play with paint and glue and scissors - gotta love easter craft... and now that contract has ended -- so i am on target to start sewing and play catch up with a few scrap tasks that i have set myself.
First on the agenda is the two OLW cards for this weekend and one for last week - it was put up late - hence i have not done that one as i was too shattered with work.

Second on the agenda is to create a mini album for Scrap 'n' Craft with T -- poor Tanya is just waiting - i can feel it - for my mini album i have been telling her about - so that is on the agenda this weekend. Then i am going to start my kits for her for the month of May -- so you will have to keep your eyes wide open for those.

Third on the agenda is to create a couple more layouts/cards for A2Z Scraplets - got the stuff -- and am ready to play ... so julie they won't be too much longer.

Fourth on the agenda - i spent a small fortune on fabric yesterday - i want to make a few bags. I saw the most devine fabrics on Thursday night and had to have them - and i got them - i am so spoilt - now i just have to make myself some bags. During the week i made a business card holder out of fabric which is way cool - i am thinking of making a few and selling them --- the amount of cards that i have from all the different stores that i frequent does my head in when i have to find them - so that is what has driven me to make the holder... no pics sorry -- but i will take one shortly.

Fifth on the agenda - Gypsyangel over at scrapchat is having an online auction at the end of the month - sounds so exciting and no doubt it will be - well i really want to create a few things for that --- not sure what just yet --- but i have a few ideas - maybe some butterflies and some of my transparencies - if i am really quick i could make some bags - but that might be a pie in the sky dream.

That might be enough on the agenda - i still have to fit in about 6 loads of washing, the ironing, playing with the peeps, feeding the peeps and cleaning the house - that last task has gone out the window the past week cause i have had to work... surely a man invented that idea... work pfffffft!!

We had my lil sis and her fam down the past weekend -- gosh the kids are so cute... i was lucky enough to babysit lumpy --- my godson... he is so adorable and reminds me so much of old matey. The sketti was his usual bubbly self who also celebrated his birthday... now for meatball the smallest of the crew - well he gave his aunty T the cutest of smiles -- and he is a cutey to boot --- not a peep - just all smiles -- i am so lucky to have cutie patooties for nephews.

okay pictures - well i have none i really can share - if you are family you can check out Amy's facebook page as she has uploaded the pics from little M's 1st birthday that i took --- and i am pretty happy with them might i add. Other than that - all scrap photos are secret for now... but hopefully by tomorrow i might have a few.

a quote to help soothe the soul:
Don’t limit yourself. Many people limit themselves to what they think they can do. You can go as far as your mind lets you. What you believe, remember, you can achieve.-- Mary Kay Ash

have a fantastic & safe Easter break ...

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