Thursday, April 23, 2009

it's thursday still

okes- i've decided that i am not going to try and ignore where my time goes... i think it would be a no-win situation on my behalf to even go there with that notion...

today i posted off my ATC's for the StampShak swap i am -- here is a looksie at what the girls will be recieveing -- and from the peeks i have gotten - i will be recieving some bloody awesome ATC's back-and so can't wait

this is a pic so you can see the dimension -- love these butterflies for that reason.
I have been busily sewing and bakingn for the ScrapChat Trash and Treasure one day auction -- i made a few butterflies - which i love - and need a new home. I also baked...... yes thats right - while i was baking i decided i would make some fimo buttons. If i get a chance i want to make soem paper clay buttons as well -- these ones can be painted to the color that you want. OH and i almost forgot - i have been throwing together a few transparencies to go in a pack deal - so i hope that the buyers like what i have created.

so thats for me -- its been a busy week -and i guess the weekend will be even more exciting - we have the ANZAC parade on Saturday - so so important for us and our children to know about, and we have a 3 extra peeps staying on friday night - and i have a few dt projects to get ontop of .. so have a fab friday everyone


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scrapwitch said...

urrrrr amazing girlfriend

those bottons are devine...sell em too me ..ploise
your butterflies ,gorguzzzz
hope your well on hols soon ....ill be hassling you to chat .heheh