Monday, January 11, 2010

been, saw, conquered

So far the fat guy has been and he was good to everyone with gifts and love galore. Miss Chicken and I saw in the New Year together, while the males in our family were in bed by 9.30pm...not sure whats with that but the girls were off to a great start. So the New Year has been fabulous so far and can't wait to see what else is in store for the rest... I am taking January as my teaser month... feeling the waters and using it to set up the rest of my year.

 We have had a day trip to the Tambourine Mountains, with a picnic & I got to do a spot of shopping -  there was a lovely little vintage shop there and i picked up this gogeous bling accessory...

We have watched copious amounts of new release movies at the cinema, on dvd and we even went to the Drive- In -- that was awesome!

I was sent my new instalment of A2Z Scraplets - they look fantastic and have already started creating with them. I have started a new Monday column over at Scrap N Craft with T called The Thought Behind the Process and at ScrapChat i took on the new 52 week challenge that karen is posting and so far am in love with the themes that are coming up.

I organised the peeps for a bit of a fun photoshoot - they were not overly co-operative as they were 'embarassed' - oh purlease.... my two embarassed.... maybe it was because we were on a main road and they were scared people they know may have driven past... anyway - i got a few photos so i was happy with the day.

I want to get into more sewing and mixed media this year... so far thats been a bit more slower to take off but it shall kick in shortly. I have copious amounts of fabrics and supplies that i truly need to use up so that my new 'smaller' craft room can cope with everything in there.. i am still taking up a third of the old craft room and my sewing machine is living in the dining room as i am trying to create -- i need more space Here are a few more of the bags that i have been making to sell... i need to make some more as they sell fairly fast and are great gifts as well.

So i have a lot that i want to achieve this year and hopefully it will all be a hoot along the way.

till next time, have fun and keep smiling,


CreativeMe68 said...

Looks like your new year is off to flying start!!! Love the photos of your peeps, and those bags what are they used for??? Luv Shaz xoxo

ScrapManda said...

Great photo's of the peeps - especially the last one --- he's looking so grown up! Lovin' the bags of course ;)