Sunday, January 31, 2010

more creations

i have been going great guns with the ScrapChat 52 week challenge, here are my next few entries.... we are up to week 5 now... lots of inspiration is a flowing.

I have a little project i am working on at the moment ... but will share a bit later when i get it all sorted... could take me a little while... but am a tad excited about it after getting dh's blessing to have a go. I will post soon with a link and the guff on what its all about.

Here are some more things i have been creating for sale.... dainty climbing roses with glass bead centers.... i wish i could keep them though - they are so beautiful. They cost 2 for $6.00 - i will pop them in the for sale section in the next couple of days.

The peeps are back at school now. Miss chicken loves high school and old matey is not to sure about grade 6(there is something going on but he is reluctant to share, and it makes me worry with his personality if he has a problem and won't share... i guess i will have to just work on him a little more till he spills the beans on why he is unhappy). So back to school and a little routine for the littlies.... tennis starts again on monday & miss chicken is yet to pick an extra curricular activity to partake in.

I did a tad bit of dress sewing for miss chicken prior to going back to school... she chose some cute as ladybug fabric... and then the photo of old matey... well.... he was in big trouble and was banished to his bedroom... well he fell asleep not before he wrote a note to let us know how he rolls....

okes that is me for an update. I hope you have been having fun the past few weeks... lets see if i can blog at least once a week from now on ... was getting a tad dismall really not blogging.

till next time- stay safe - enjoy life - smile

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Inkredible Stamps & Scrapbooks said...

Hi, I really loved the last page, the blue one that had what I thought may be texture paste (?) on it. Will have to check that site out, sounds good! Tamara