Friday, February 19, 2010


Well it has been a while since i lasted blogged i must confess....but between then and now i have been uber busy creating and loving my family.

So basically in the past few weeks I lashed out, really took a big leap and jumped out of my comfort zone & registered .....
 you can pop on over here to check it out - Tiddlypeep Designs  . I still haven't popped a link in my sidebar yet.

Its a Blogshop where i will be popping up extras of things that i create. The whole reason behind this is my love to create... and well.... the house is too full of my stuff... i am taking up two rooms now and leaching into the formal dining and lounge ... its amazing what you accumulate in over 20 years.

So my beautiful & very patient husband has said "go for it girl, i want this house back!" that is what i am up to... you can sneak on over to the Blogshop to have a read and a looksie at a few things that i have on offer for sale... I will upload more things as time goes on ... but it was  big job to get it to what it is at the moment... i had to teach myself html coding with the help of Karen and Kylie and our good friend Google. I will be making a few more visual changes as i get the chance.

On other news... well i have caught up with my 52 week challenge - i have two more to show ... but not right now... i haven't taken a picture... maybe i can blog about that later in the month.

A few new layouts are up on A2Z Scraplets showcasing the new products for February - if you get a chance pop on over for a bit of inspiration... oh and i realise that the your is not gramatically correct it should be "you're" but its cool... i am going to add an apostrophe e on it ... maybe - lol

I am still having fun writing my column at ScrapNCraft with T on a Monday... and Tanyah has posted a doosie of a read for Third Thursday Tips & Techniques over at the blog so as she says in the post - grab a cuppa and a good comfy chair and enjoy the read.

So i think that can be it for now ... i have an early start in the morning and its already 12.30am... i think its a 4.30am outta bed to make don't forgot to pop on over to the Blogshop and let me know what you think .. i will be uploading more stuff over the next couple of weeks - and if you are local & want to purchase then pop me an email if you are wanting to pick anything up... saves you on postage.



scrapwitch said...

beautiful..every layout..every photo....your work leaves me breatheless....
oh and i love the colourful blog

Donna Heart said...

hey gorgeous! have a great weekend away - so good to hear from you and what you've been up to! talk to you next week perhaps?
x don