Wednesday, March 03, 2010

We have entered into Mad March

March is such a beautiful month... it was the month my beautiful Grandmother was born .... bless her soul... it was the month my energetic nephew sketti was born and has the most michievous but gorgeous smile... its a month of fantastic opportunities and suprises awaiting us around each and every corner.

Life is a funny thing... it comes and goes... every now and then i reflect on stuff... you know ... what is going on ... the things i can't change & the bits i can do that may make a difference... truth is i have my own little melt down in march... my beautiful 'not so babies' have gone back to school... this year miss chicken is in year 8 and lovin' it... she has embraced her coming of age and well i am so happy and so sad at the same time for her... old matey too has blossomed .. he is truly my little old man trapped in a young persons body, complete with a few grey hairs... i love them so much.... and i am so lucky they were given to me so that i could be their mum. These guys make me happy ....

I have been busy creating and having fun with all my friends on the net. I have almost finished two more lots of flowers to add to the Blogshop. Tanyah and Sarah came for a visit and we all had fun at the Girl Guides Crop that Scrapmanda arranged down in Cleveland... what a fun night that was. We even got Gypsy aka Karen to scrap ... she made this gorgeous cover for a mini album... i must remind her to upload pics to her blog.  Oh almost forgot - when i got home there was a suprise in the scrap room from the family... they went out and purchased a new fan.. can be a tad warm in there... my beautiful husband even installed it before we got home and the peeps made a spesh tag that i walked in to... love you loads guys.

I got to scrap saturday with Sylvia and Sue { from where i work, oh they are rooly good friends too} . Sue even put an album together too & Sylvias swap carton for the Scrapchat retreat is looking awesome. ... it was a fun day -i am still creating from that day - kind of playing catchup with projects i was working on here and there.

I have almost finished my March releases for A2Z Scraplets... Julie will probably be putting the new releases up over the next couple of weeks. And my column for ScrapNCraft with T went ahead again this week with me tweaking a layout from the week before.

Tanyah from ScrapNCraft with T is holding a retreat in September so if anyone is interested you can check it out over here Retreat @ Lennox Head - Lennox Head is such an awesome place to visit... I used to live down that way and i must say Lennox was one of my favourite places... gorgeous lookout for breathtaking photos.

Oh and i forgot to mention Tanyah from ScrapNCraft with T will be going to SIA and .... well doing a workshop for Bella - how exciting for her ... good luck Tan!

So that is me for a bit - i am running a little behind for my last two challenges from ScrapChats 52 week challenge... but thats cool...i can play catch up .... here are the ones from week 6 & 7..

                         week 6 -- what frustrates me.                                week 7 - what makes me me

This weekend i will be in Melbourne... goodness knows why someone would get on a plane { i have an adversion of planes which lead to panic attacks} - but i guess its what you do for your husband....and a good weekend away together. Overall i am looking forward to kicking it in Melbourne - hope you have a fun weekend too.

take care till next time


Sarah Rickard said...

Thanks for having us for the weekend Tracey it was great fun. I love your challenge entries, they look fab!

CreativeMe68 said...

Ohh it looks like you have been a very busy girl!!! Love coming over to read what you have been up to!

Please pop over to my blog please Luv Shaz xoxo

Tanyah Payne said...

Wow your ATC are brillant as you know trace!... love them sooo mUCH... and thanks for mentioningn the retreat and my acheivements for SIA... it will be a blast that is for sure!....

That pic is brillant trace!

Thanks also for having us the other weekend, i had the best time as always when I am at your house all inspired and wanting to scrap lots....hehe!

luv tanXx

Donna Heart said...

ahhh - always so good to see your scrappin' my luv! and read about your going's on... hope you have a lovely easter - hangin' here and toby's birthday too - so add some cake making and sewing into the easter mix and i'll be a busy bunny indeed!
chat soon,x d