Sunday, August 22, 2010

brrrr its winter -- nah its almost spring....

Long time no blog from me... things have changed and I guess all the stuff that we try to shove into our day just keeps getting added to the never ending list of fun. Its a great life I have, just a busy one... but I think I truly like it that way.... its just the balance part I need to get a handle on - when i work that out I will be so much cheerier I do believe.

So in the month of May we had lots of peeps with birthdays- so a big happy birthday to you all - in our house my darling husband turned the big a very low key day was had by him.... he is not one for  big hurrahs. Miss Chicken also added another year 13 - so a tween she is .... scary too as that means i am getting a tad older.... June rocked on and so did July - goodness knows what happened in those two months.... which leads up the garden path to August.... We are still super busy with goodness knows what, the kids are getting bigger, we are all adding days onto our years.

In the crafting front i have been creating some more layouts for A2Z - you can have a looksie at them below... and if you were looking for some inspiration then you could pop over here to the blog where Julie runs a great comp where you can win some of the fantastic chipboard products that she sells.

ScrapNCraft with T's Embellish comp has come to an end -- my Challenge 'mixed media it'  i  have posted below. Sue Smith was the lucky winner with some amazing entries.

Thats all i got for a while... hopefullly i will be posting more regularly over the coming weeks.


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Donna Heart said...

hey chick! long time no hear - but hey - life is just so darn fast and busy... But I must say how much I absolutely love your mixed media book of Miss Chicken! I'm always a sucker for pale green and dusky pink - yummy! So good to hear from you - hope you're lovin this gorgeous weather - you shoudl see the wildflowers over here - absolutely amazing, but a killer on the sinus :)
seeya hun, x D