Friday, December 31, 2010

Santa is a Coming...hahahahaha

Oh how time flies when you are caught in a vortex of surrealistic life experiences. Most good ones too ... or memorable I should be saying.

Work has finished for another year. Both the little peeps are a year older. Old matey will be in his final year at primary next year and busting to get to high school. Miss Chicken also can't wait to get back to school from the holidays but both are just loving the holidays - we get unlimited pyjama days, and Santa popped in early at our house this year. Santa felt that we needed an addition to the family.... so in rolled Peppa - a beautiful Shetland Sheepdog pup - she is 7 Weeks old and a bundle of energy. Yep it is easy to 'train' your children than a puppy.... but i can tell she is going to become a very much loved family addition.

I have been creating lots of new things to sell and need to get my finger out to update the tiddlypeepdesigns blog and also create an etsy account... then to photo all the new goodies and get them online....

so what else is going on ...

  •  i was lucky enough to be asked to take some wedding pics for a lovely couple and are in the process of finishing off the processing of those.
  • coming up with some new ideas of things to create... brain space is becoming a little tanked out ... but still have to put all those ideas into practical, photographed evidence that they exist.
  • created a couple of christmas trees for the Kaisercraft store in Robina... totally loved how they turned out -- the pots are large so they can be used as lolly dishes... too cute indeedy.
so here is my run down... its 31/12/10 and i am 15 minutes off midnight - Queensland time ----i am blessed , i am lucky to have the life i have --- i hope that in 2011 i can make a difference - to what,  i am unsure but a difference to someone or something i will be happy... i have had a great year -- there are things i would have liked to do more and things i probably overdid....but that is okay - i am breathing.

i wish for friends that are struggling - to find peace and for the earth spin in an axis that can help them ...  to my family i do love you & i hope we all have another fantastic year... 

see you all on the flipside --- and to be more consistent with my blogging ---oops.

p.s  i am in a hurry to blog and on the laptop so pics will have to be in the next one....HAPPY NEW YEAR 

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