Friday, February 04, 2011

Welcome 2011

Okay so i am a little late to get into the year... lots of things have been going on ... i am a working girl now -- even if it is only a few hours a week.... its still work... and its hard when you haven't done it for so long ... i have to be organised ...hahahahaha - that statement is so funny... but i guess i am organised to some degree.

The family are all well ... my beautiful and very patient husband was ill for a week and a half over xmas with Salmonella poisoning but is all well again ... he is very focussed this year and we have sat down and worked out our goals and what we want to achieve... both together and separately - gosh we are gonna have fun this year.

The little peeps are having a blast back at school. Miss Chicken is very focussed and is already working on her first assignment. Old matey has resumed some AFL training and has been playing lots of backyard cricket @ home with is dad and friends from school. I had them both crafting it up over the holidays too ... good little cherubs they are.

Our newest addition to the family arrived a week before Xmas... her name is Peppa... she is a very smart little girl already - she sits, comes, fetches, lets go of things when you say ta.... she loves her early morning &  afternoon walks  and loves a game of cricket with the two special men in my life. We are very blessed that she has become a part of our family.

I have been having lots of fun creating already this year - i have created a project for the Robina Kaisercraft store...its on display down there with a couple of layouts also.... and am working on another at the moment. Miss Chicken also created a couple of projects that are on display down there too - so proud of her ... she is becoming quite the artist.

A2Z scraplets have some fantastic things coming up for everyone each month - and i can't wait to be a part of it all.... my January  release layouts are up over at  i love how they turned out... can't wait to share February's work with you all.

I think i am going to start finding some of my fave quotes and post each time ... something to ponder and think about till next time i upload.... Thought this would be a good one ... a bit of a thinking quote as it is the start of the year - being resolution time its nice to find or think of our purpose for being....

"Who do we want to be...and how do we go about the process of becoming in a world of endless options, distractions and possibilities?"  ~Winifred Gallagher


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