Monday, July 16, 2012

Post 8 for 2012

I have found lots of new inspiration of late with a beautiful scrapping friend Sue Smith. Sue has been spurring me along like an engine. Loving what I have been creating and having her to sit and chat to, the nights just roll right along with lots of laughter and lots of creating to boot... Sue has this wonderful way about her that gets you really testing your boundaries... I am not one for Challenges, Sketches or blind scraps but while scrapping with Sue I have been encouraged to give these a nudge... so here are some of my latest -
This one is over at Scrapbook Savvy and was a quote challenge. I had my nephews and my two playing twister in the loungeroom and it was just the cutest thing how the little ones wanted to join in too.

This one here..cheeky as he is in his glasses with magnet beads attached is the new word 'Simply You' over at A2Z Scraplets

This one here now looking at it from a different angle - i've lost the photo ... it was a challenge over at Scrapchat 

and this one was part of the 5th birthday Cybercrop challenges over at Scrapchat - it's old matey and his dad having some fun with soccer in the back yard.

and that my friends is not even touching the sides of the pile of scrapping I have been working on ... as usual there is also a pile of UFO's that will need my attention or the mess in the craft room will never be clean.

I was starting to think that creating Xmas presents now would be a great idea to start to alleviate the hoarding i have in my craft room. This comes with an added benefit to buy more fun stuff to play with.

so that is where i shall leave this for the day ... back in a couple of days with a little more blogging i do feel... i have some fantastic layouts i have been working on for some July challenges on lots of my favourite blogs.

might have to dig out a quote to end just like old times.... 

Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known.
Oscar Wilde


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