Sunday, September 16, 2007


Time just seems to flit by so fast -- but its all good -- cause i am 37 and happy and lovin life and what i do!

I celebrated my birthday last night { which was really on wednesday but hey all days are a birthday} with my darling husband making a beautiful roast beef dinner in garlic and mustard and roast potatoes that were divine ....and the present ...well i got a new 4gb card for my camera --woohooo lots of photos now - lol. We also went a shopping and bought a heap of storage stuff for my laundry - so its all kitted out now with a new shelf over the bench with a hanging rail and under bench clothes baskets for sorting { the sorting thing has to be a virgo thing i think- lol} and new doors for under the bench.

.....this is the gotta have a new family photo with the kids for your birthday shot...

and the cake - oh so YUM -- i had two - half a lemon meringue cheesecake and a missisippi mudcake from the cheesecake shop -- too spoilt indeedy...and so yummmmmmmy.

When i got home from gym last night a storm was a brewing but it passed over us... i ran out the front and got these photos at 6pm so cool was like the clouds were all encompassing the houses.
I haven't been scrapping this week as i have been recupperating from the school fair - a bit worn out - but i did get the P&C newsletter out friday - so that was a bonus ..oh and i needed a little retail therapy so earlier in the week i went a shopping with Gilly and i tell ya there are really no clothes suitable that should be seen for human eyes....We are gonna plan to take the camera with us next time so that we can try things on and take photos of how HIDEOUS the fashions are that are coming out ...we absolutely laughed our heads off with some of them technicolour yawn!

Got some great news - a government grant i put in for the gym a couple if months ago -- we got -- well how cool -- i am so chuffed with myself ... i must say! --- thank you my darling husband for proof reading for me.

So i will leave you with this as i have no scrapping to show but am headed down to the craft room now to possibly create a little magic - lol -- gotta find a working wand.....i love this saying i found while surfing the net -- it is truly inspirational and beautiful ...

A Legend in the Middle East
A spindly little sparrow is lying on his back in the middle of the road. A horseman comes by, dismounts and asks the sparrow what he's doing lying upside down like that.
"I heard the heavens are going to fall today," said the sparrow. "Oh," said the horseman, "and I suppose your spindly little legs can hold up the heavens."
"One does what one can," said the sparrow.
"One does what one can!."
keep safe


Donna said...

a gorgeous photo of you and the peeps - and that cake looks lush! Sounds like you had a lovely day. Howz about showing us some of that scraproom magic?...

Scrapmanda said...

Awesome storm cloud photos Trac! Love ALL your photography!