Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I have been a slack blogger for the last week, it has been so hectic in our here goes:

i did a few circle journal albums and have posted them off --
the family got the first taste of spring - pool time photos are here -- roll on summer--
my little chicken got to go on her first school camp - arrrgghhh - i was so sick the whole three days we were apart - i suffer from the worst separation anxiety - truly not good - oh and yeah i cried my eyes out--
the school fair has been and gone and everyone who helped is extremely exhausted and so deserves a holiday - old matey had a solo in the guitar group on the day - so proud of him...all in all the kids had a fabbo time--
which leads me to yesterday the 12th of september ...ummmmm ... i turned 37 -- whacky do -- but did not feel much like celebrating as there is still so much going on in this house - this year would be the first year i did not have a birthday cake on my actual birthday - i guess i will celebrate in a month or two when things settle and become a little more quiet....

have a great day - i think a little retail therapy is in store for me today ...i truly have to celebrate yesterday...and it needs to start today...

keep safe


Tammy James said...

happy Birthday Tracey. Shop up a storm.

Scrapmanda said...

Happy birthday for Wednesday! Sounds like you have been super busy! Hope you get that cake sometime soon ;)

Thanks for Danah's birthday wishes too - she's hanging out to head to Westfield to spend her voucher!!

Petrina McDonald said...

Hey - Happy (belated) Birthday for Wednesday you old duck you!! (was that a bit cheeky??)
Hope you have better luck with your retail therapy than I did. Some @#$&* has done something to all the sizes in every store I went to and suddenly I can't even squeeze into a size 12!!!
Hope you have a good celebration with your cake when it comes around :)
Love, P

Donna said...

hey there! I got to see that Lo in real life and I loved it! You are so consistently awesome - I love how you come up with original pieces all the time. You should just pick another day for your birthday and tell everyone it's it - I'm gonna do that for mother's day 'coz I missed out this year!! Happy Birthday you old fart!

Luv Me x