Friday, September 07, 2007

not even enough time to scratch....scrap......

Hi everyone i am so busy with volunteering that it has left me with little time for me...the past couple of weeks have been so full on - thought i would get on here before i go scrap before bedtime to let you all know whats been going on with me and hopefully in the near future i will be back to my old scrapping self.

I got to do a bit of teacher aide stuff with the preps the other day - was so much fun - was great to be a paid employee for a day and a bit - too cool - the little people are so beautiful they truly melt my heart with their words. I forgot how cute they are at that age and what funny and matter-of-factly statements they come out with also.

My baby girl has been on camp and its been a really hard time for me to let her go - been so nautious with the thought of her away from glad she is back tommorow....Old matey is loving his time alone with just us - its been really great for him with the bonding.

Been ever so busy with organising our school fair which is coming up soon - too busy -- but it will be great when the day comes and all the kids should have a great time.... still so much more to do ....

I have two government grants to write before the end of the month - tis so stressing me out - as i have not heard back from the last one, so i figure i did not win it...boohoo - gotta keep trying hopefully i will crack the impossible soon enough...but i have to get my head around the ones i need to write for the gym now.

The peeps are hard at training for more gym comps that they want to enter -- i have a heap of circle journals that i have to finnish up -- they are taking longer than i had anticipated but i have not felt the best & have been busy working and volunteering -- so i hope to get two out and posted tommorow and the others done by monday -- fingers crossed .....

I have a heap of signs to make for the fair and some scrapping - i have a bit of computer work to do also to send off - so i best run ....cause i truly want to go scrap tis driving me nuts walking past the scrap room and not being able to just sit there for half an hour and create.... although i did make miss chicken a diary the night before she went on camp - she loved it so it will be great to see how it looks when she shows me it all full of her drawings and fun times - she is quite the little doodler and artist so i made sure there were plenty of sketching pages in it for her as well as journal cards for her to write things on.



Tammy James said...

Hi Tracey,
Gee just reading this makes me feel tired, looking forward to seeing what you create when you get back to it. : )

Petrina McDonald said...

wow you sure are a busy girl Tracey! Don't forget to squeeze in a little "me time" for yourself in there somewhere!!
Love, P