Thursday, January 10, 2008

look what just arrived at my place

oh yeah baby - i am so happy right now - a nicely sized parcel just arrived at my front door - my CK stamps have arrived --- YIPPEEEEE -- thanks K for sending them - i so can't wait to get into them a bit later today and start stamping my heart out -- and i am still waiting for the link to your site girlfriend - i may have to go on a bit of a search to find where u have hidden it in blogger -- hope you have made your first post.

i have created a few layouts today and took the photos, but the photos are a bit blah so excuse the blah...its so good to finally have a few of the photos i printed out last year all scrapped up and ready to be put in the peeps' albums, no stress though .... i still have boxes of them still to go - and folders and folders of digitally saved ones that i have not printed yet - 2008 will be a busy year for me no doubt.
I have yet to put my class description together - its kinda doin' my head in - i have what i want to do all bundled together but til i choose and print my photos i am in a state of 'no go with the mojo' - lol - that is a bit of a rhyme i have a happening - must be the joy from my stamps - oh yeah ....

Last night i finished off some watermarks for the challenge 12 blog photos - they have all been emailed to donna now so she can pick her fave one.

I also sent off a few layouts to the for keeps mag as they had a pub call out that ended today and i had a couple of layouts that fitted the descriptions - will see how that goes - fingers crossed xxxx

okes i am sure there is more to share but truly my bum is sore from sitting at the puter for so long and i have to go do housework cause its 4.43pm and i have done {not a great deal} all day long ---well i have done a few things make the kids lunch and take them for a drive ...but truly nothing "housewifey like" got done today...

see you all later on -- have fun and don't forget to pop over to the Challenge 12 blog and take a looksie at all the fun phototaking thats going on.



rih2002 said...

omg omg omg do i see BUTTONS on one of the layouts there! Like REAL BUTTONS used as embellishments on a scrapbook page? are you FEEELING okay peeps! ;)

binrow said...

Love your lo's peeps!!
And take care of that burn, but don't worry about the cleaning it will still be there tomorrow and the next day and the day after that too!!


Pamela said...

You have been a busy scrapper girl I can see